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Me, A Domestic Goddess!?!

Hi, I'm Fiona and I'm a domestic goddess.

People that make and create beautiful things are, in my opinion at least, people that have their act together. They excel at work, at decor, at niceness, at neatness at organising, at home life in general. Basically they are domestic goddess's (or gods. Let's not forget them ;) ) And so using that reasoning I must be a domestic goddess as i make gorgeous things. (I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet here. They are gorgeous, but more on that later.) And now you can all laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Anyone that knows me knows I am the furthest thing from a domestic goddess that there is. My house is a shambles, my wardrobe is a disaster. I hate housework. I love to cook, but never start on time. Everything is last minute. I kill plants. (This worried me when i had kids, but don't worry, they pipe up if you have forgotten to water them.) I forget school trips. But I also crochet. Though this in itself makes the rest worse as I need to make time for it usually at the expense of sleep. So I am also half zombie.

Five and a half years ago I was pregnant with my 1st rascal and just like every expectant mother I wanted a lovely room for my new baby but I just couldn't find a blanket i liked. They were all the same. Boring. Plain fleecy cotton in 4 different colours. Unless you wanted to pay an arm and a leg. Then you could get a pretty waffely one available in 6 different colours. So i decided to make my own. My granny had taught me to crochet when i was just wee but it's not like riding a bike. You do forget how. I had some wool lying around from a scarf knitting spree from a few years previous and I got a hook and went online. ( Oh and by the way. I can only knit scarves. Purl and knit. That's it. I do not knit!) I had found a picture i liked but there was no pattern. So I practised. And failed. And started again. And googled again. I found some video Tutorials. A random guy in his Kitchen teaching people how to do granny squares. I do believe it was Mikey from The Crochet Crowd So I managed to do a square, I went to a hobby shop and bought some wool in the colours I wanted and got started. (It was cotton really, but I called everything wool then.) Lo and behold a granny square was born.

A start had been made. Nearly 3 years later my daughter got to use her baby blanket. On her big girl bed. She had already outgrown (out climbed) the cot by the time it was finished. But she likes it. She uses it as a nest for her flamingo now. The pink rubber ball that she uses as an egg may never hatch but it is comfy nonetheless. Over time I made a few wee bits and pieces. When baby number 2 was on the way I had to make them a blanket too. I cant do something for one and not the other :) I was a lot more confident. I had Pinterest now. (Stay away from Pinterest. It's bad. You lose time there) Ideas and patterns galore but still I made sure I started it big so It would fit a bed, just in case :) But no. I managed to whip it up in just a few weeks. (My maternity leave was well spent) Then the requests started. A friend asked me to make her a scarf. I was well chuffed and was only too happy to do it but as a relative novice I didn't take into account different wool thicknesses when I ordered. I had never made anything on the chunky side so I was left with half a scarf and the shop had sold out. Nooooooo. Google saved me. Well no. Google pointed me in the right direction Marieke from De Breiboerderij saved me. And then it started. The e-mails. The newsletters. The adverts. For all that lovely squishy yarn. Drool! One particular newsletter had information about a CAL (I didn't even know what a CAL was (A Crochet-A-Long, I'm about to start my 4th) and the colours were gorgeous.

After lots of googling and realising that the designer had almost made my entire Pinterest collection, I had to go for it. It was fate. I haven't looked back since. It was the Scheepjes 2014 CAL. A total mystery. And it was wonderful. I discovered Facebook groups, blogs, sites, shops ARRRGGHHHH hahaha. A whole new crazy yarny, squishy world had opened for me and I LOVED it. I have since started too many projects to count. I have even finished some of them too ;) And they have all been gorgeous (check out my gallery. I'm not lying.) But here is the crux. I can't take any credit. I have discovered the best designers, that have the greatest patterns with fantastic step by step instructions. The tutorials that I have found have been amazing, and yes I still use them. Even for simple stitches. I just follow the instructions, and enjoy doing so. I am not crafty or very creative. I'm just me. Just like you. Someone who picked up a hook and a thread and went for it. So I have a lot to learn. And I want to share this with you. I don't know my merino from my alpaca, my 4 ply from my 8 ply. But join me. If I can do it, anyone can do it. We can all learn together. It will be fun. I promise :)

I'm Fiona. I'm a mother. I'm a wife. I'm a friend. I'm a video editor. I'm Kelly's Krochet.

I'm a domestic Goddess!

Nice to meet you.


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