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Progress and Planning

The never ending ends.

Hi all you lovely yarnies :) I just wanted to check in and update you all on my recent progress. I have kept true to my word and have worked exclusively on my WIPs My socks from the Rock Those Socks MAL were the top vote for me to finish up, so all the ends were sewn in and snipped off. I must have been a bit too tense as they are now a little bit tight around the ankle but I managed to get them on and they will stretch with time and wear.

The Southbay Shawl came in 2nd. Do you remember that one? My original WIP. The WIP that started all WIP’s. The one that I started as a total newbie, miscalculated the wool required and miscalculated the hook size. Well I pulled it all out and restarted it. For a while I wasn’t even sure what to call it but I think the lovely Amanda of thecalmnookcrafts described it the best “Its technically a deconstructed UFO currently experiencing PHD sydrome whilst it's morphing into WIP status.. yep, thats what it is.”

And it’s finished. I think it looks wonderful :) I had so much yarn left over (newbie miscalculation no. 3) that I made a quick matching beret.

(Very quick. Just an hour or two. So quick that it didn’t even count as a WIP. See how good I can lie to myself ;) ) And can you guess. I bet you can't. Especially when it is me the ultimate pocrastinator, but I sewed on my button and my label AND it has been posted :) That reminds me, I should maybe check the track and trace hahaha.

I was a teeny tiny bit naughty. After all this is me I am very bad at taking orders especially my own, unless they are orders to do something i like, 'order pizza', 'eat ice cream', 'crochet more' that sort of thing. As you may have seen, if you follow me on Instagram, I got a yarn delivery from Wolltraum. Absolutely gorgeous slow colour changing yarn. It also has a very definite purpose (well one of the cakes has at least.) And as I finished a WIP or two I felt entitled to start a

new one. So my WIP total is now at 15 and I am determined to never let it exceed that haha. And I only did the 1st couple of repeats of the pattern just to make sure it was working, and then I went back to all the other projects screaming for attention.

I have decided that I will start no new projects during September (unless someone special needs a special something, I always have time for special requests, they also have deadlines so they never get left undone) It just so happens that Bec from Three Bags Full and Amanda from The Cosy Nook Crafts were feeling the same way and have teamed up to start a September wipathon, and I am wholeheartedly joining in. Follow it on Instagram #wipathon #stitchupseptember I wonder how many I will manage to finish. I know I will get at least one more done. That mermaid tail blanket that I started so long ago for my daughter. She WILL get it for her birthday. Honest she will :)

This little WIP adventure has also taught me that I need a better way of keeping track of my current projects. Little Ikea zippy bags just aren’t cutting it anymore. As I still haven’t enough set aside for my dream iPad, I’m going to settle for old fashioned paper and pens. But not just ordinary paper and pens. Oh no! Lots of pretty colours and stickers and tape and labels. Oh the joy I had buying all that stationary, and very fitting as it is back to school times. I’m going to read up on bullet point planning too and give that a go. I need a wee bit of order in all my chaos. I’ll let you all know how it is going next time. Bye for now xxx

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