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Glitter and Glue, or the lack thereof.

WOW I can't believe it's been a month since I last checked in with you guys. Thank you for your patience. September was as always a crazy month, and the craziness spilled over into October. Thankfully (and due mostly to copious amounts of caffeine and wine (never forget the wine)) I've made it out the other end, and I'm still smiling. My daughter turned 5 at the end of September and had asked for a craft and face painting party with a rainbow cake. (she asked for a rainbow cake last year, but I cheated, so I knew I had to pull out all

the stops and my secret weapon (my mum) and do it right this time.) After telling her she would have just that, I went to book a wee hour for her and a few friends at the local craft shop where they do 'knutselfeestjes' or at least I was supposed to. How was I to know, after promising her a craft party, that they didn't do craft parties anymore. I could have cried. Not wanting to disappoint my her (and firmly believing that if you make a promise you should keep it) I put on my mummy hat and decided to have the party at home. I bought face paints, lollipop sticks, crepe paper, feathers, card, glitter, stickers, you name it I had it, except glue. Oops. We ran out of glue hahaha. How could I forget to buy glue? The night before her party I was googling how to paint faces and ideas for making things with lollipop sticks. I printed these out and hung them up for the kids to copy. And then chaos descended. Everyone wanted a different animal face. I had only given them 3 options, but I tried my best. YouTube was my friend that day. Though still, it will be some time and a lot of practise before I would consider myself a face paint artist hahaha.

Thank goodness it was a nice weather and I could at least throw everything outside. Our garden is now a glitter paradise, and will probably remain so for some time. I still can't believe I managed to pull it off. All her friends had a great time, and she wants the same again next year. Everyone loved the cake, and got to take home some sparkly, gluey, lollipop stick things, that promptly fell apart as they weren't gluey enough. And finally I got to drink wine. It was a great day :)

Her actual birthday was a few days after the party, we ordered pizza (her favourite) and ate more cake and she got her presents. Including, finally her mermaid tail blanket. ​​After years of asking for one, I managed to pull it off, and in secret.

It was re-started I don't know how many times, and I literally had it finished 5 minutes before I had to go collect her from school. Crazy. Thankfully my mum helped out and wrapped it for me. She hates wrapping. Mum I love you :) My wee rascal loved it. She gave it a big hug and did a happy dance and got into it right away. It was worth it in the end :) Now to make a rocket for her brother :)

The mermaid tail blanket was one of my many WIPs

and was duly ticked off the list as part of

#stitchupseptember and #wipathon that I was taking part in. Do you remember I originally had 16 WIPs? Well I managed to strike 7 off the list. Some were very small things that really just needed finishing off, but others like the mermaid tail blanket had much more work involved so all in all not bad for 1 month. I was also very well behaved and waited until October to start anything new. For the rest of my WIPs,

I plan to slowly finish or frog everything before the end of the year. This month, I'm focusing on making everything I have promised people. That includes slippers, an elephant, gloves, a shawl/wrap, a cushion, a doll and a blanket. 3 of these are on my 'original' WIP list :) As usual, anything for myself will just have to wait hahaha

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