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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all. I hope you all had a fantastic day yesterday with just the right sprinkling of chaos. I was looked after by my wonderful sister Tanya Bentley  She made a cracking Christmas dinner and I ate far too much. I literally almost popped haha. She also gave me the loveliest stitch markers. My 1st grown up proper crafter pretty ones. I'll share a foto as soon as I get a good one :) 1st check out these glasses. 

Aren't they fantastic. I was lucky enough to win these a few years ago. They are made by friends of mine. Check out Glitter and Twinkle on Facebook.

I am having a great time visiting my hometown and catching up with old friends and family. Eating too much and staying up too late playing board games. Unbelievably I beat some of the biggest Star Wars fans at their own game last night coming 1st in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. I'm still in shock. I'm not a fan 😱

I also got to see some of my mum's amazing knitting. I swiftly asked for my own set for next year 😃  Yes I am that cheeky. I'm sure her wrist will have healed in time. (She has been suffering after a marathon knitting session to finish up Christmas pressies for my wee rascals.)

Enjoy your Boxing Day/ St. Stephen's Day/ 2de Kerstdag I hope to be updating my blog much more frequently in 2017

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