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Spring is in the air

Hello lovely yarnies :) I've come down a wee bit since all the excitement of my pattern release last week. If you didn't see it then please check it out. You can find my blog post here, or go straight to the Ravelry download here. I love it (if I don't say so myself, and I'm in the process of making two more. Look me up on Instagram to follow my progress, and if you are making one don't forget to tag me or use the #simplicitywrap Cheers).

OK if I'm totally honest I'm still buzzing hahaha but moving on and in keeping with my ongoing mission to rid my house of UFOs and WIPs (like that's ever going to happen) I finally managed to get a major project finished. My nieces blanket. I made a trillion Spring Flower Granny Squares (see the pattern from Made With Loops here) (well I started off making that square but on the very 1st one I went a wee bit wrong, and it was only after re-reading the pattern a few weeks later that I realised I was doing a row wrong, but it worked, and they do say if you repeat a mistake consistently it becomes a pattern itself.

I split all my colours into groups of three and used these colours to make wee groups of squares. I ended up with 5 colour groups. Each group had 6 solid squares (2 of each colour) and 12 flower squares in which the colour order alternated. In the end, I had 90 squares. I decided on a diagonal layout moving from the lighter colours on the inside to the darker squares on the outside. I did a continuous join using double crochet stitches. I followed this chart I found on Cyprus Textiles site. I didn't use her joining method as ​

I wanted a solid join, but the chart was essential in helping me join all my squares in the right order.

I googled crochet blanket borders and found a picture I loved that linked to Pinterest and then thankfully linked to a proper description here on Ravelry. I do so hate it when it just links to nothing :( I did quite a wide swatch in the pink before finishing off with a shell stitch border edged with a few rows of colour. If you'd like to make a similar blanket you'll need 16 colours of Scheepjes cotton 8* I used: -

1 - 527

1 - 722

1 - 720

1 - 642

1 - 726

1 - 723

1 - 663

1 - 724

1 - 718

1 - 651

1 - 669

1 - 712

1 - 508

1 - 649

3 - 710

6 - 653

So, 23 balls in total with a 3mm hook. If you are using less colours you won't need so many. I used maybe half a ball of each, except for the colours I used in the border, but even then, there was some left over. I've made this for my niece. She picked the colours nearly 2 years ago and has probably forgotten all about it by now haha. Let's hope she likes it. Her mum did just tell me that she doesn't like pink anymore (ARGH!) Fingers crossed. Now I'm going to enjoy the oncoming spring weather. I've even had my sunglasses on a few times. Summer is coming. Enjoy yourselves. Till next time.

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