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and then it was gone...

Crocheting by torch light

Hello my darling yarnies, have you had a wonderful summer? Did you get the much promised and anticipated warm sunny days, long relaxing evenings and getting/ jetting away from it all? Oh I hope so. Mine was full of ups and downs. There were 2 babies, 1 wedding and a funeral. The kids, thankfully are starting to play better together, but it is only for short bursts my daring new wee 3 year old, is still a wee bit too babyish for my crazy almost 6 year old. But we managed a week in a tent together and no one got killed and we had a pretty fantastic holiday. It was far too short. Next year we will plan better :)

Chantilly Lace Sundress, Scheepjes Softfun

Easy V-Neck Vest, Scheepjes Softfun

Zara's Sleevless Cardigan, Scheepjes softfun

My summer months were very haphazard project wise, there was lots of baby projects going on which are fantastic to do as they are finished so quick and they look so cute. I used scheepjes softfun for them all. I love this yarn, it is easy to use, very forgiving and lovely and soft and warm. Its available from Wool Warehouse* and other Scheepjes retailers. There were several wee gift projects in there and I got busy with the star stitch. I managed to make a tin can cover in star stitch in the round all by myself. Somebody please remind me to write the pattern down OK. Don't forget. I will. REMIND ME! My daughters teacher asked me for a wee blindfold for in the classroom, and I have to make a few more for next year. (The next year which starts on Monday by the way. That is in 2 days. I should maybe start. I had totally forgotten. Oops.)

Everything has been really quick to make except maybe THE blanket. They can drag on can't they, but are always worth it. One of my bestest friends has just had an adorable little boy and we had picked a blanket pattern and colour scheme out together. I knew I would have it finished on time no problem so I procrastinated (who doesn't haha) and in the end I was up until 3/4am every night trying to get it finished on time for her surprise baby shower (which I was also throwing. Oops!) Thankfully it all came together at the last minute, and the blanket was even dry after blocking :) It was the Tunisian Sunset blanket by Poppy and Bliss but I feel it deserves it's very own post, so that will be coming soon :) The party was a success and I even managed to make one of those nappy cake things too. I was very chuffed.

Tunisian Sunset blanket in shades of blue
Baby Boy Nappy Cake

I've also been super busy trying to juggle work with life and everything in between. In the next few months the balance will be switching to focusing on things I NEED to do. It's going to be tough at first but I need to get things back on track in my daily life and for my health. Time to focus on those wee things and when I get some semblance of a good routine then I can hopefully enjoy all my other wee bits and pieces that I want to do. The things i need to do aren't all awful, don't worry. I'm including crochet and blogging in there, so no need to panic, you don't get rid of me that easily. :) I have a few ongoing projects that I need to finish, and really am quite excited to finish and then I am going to once again try to get a handle on that WIP pile

Simplicity Wrap

And as for summer, it may be gone, but there is a new one next year, and until then we have an amazing autumn, winter and spring to enjoy.

I hope to talk to you all soon, take care of yourselves, and of each other xxx

I've tried to link my photos to their original patterns as much as possible. Just click on them to find out where they are from)

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