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Destination Tunisia

I would love to say I've just jetted back from a holiday in Tunisia, unfortunately that's not the case. I have however been dipping into Tunisian crochet, and I absolutely love it. It is fabulous and creates an amazing fabric. I'm currently making a skinny scarf with it, a very feminine shawlette with plans for a few more and I made a blanket that I would love to share with you.

Meet the Tunisian Sunset Blanket by Poppy & Bliss. As much as I love the original colours (and I very much want to make it just like the original) I was making it for a baby boy and his mum and dad wanted shades of blue. I've been wanting to try Paintbox cotton DK for a while, and they had the most perfect colour pack Winter Blue, you can find it here* and I added some Stormy Grey (405) to it as well. In the end I ordered 2 colour packs and 5 balls of the grey. For some of the colours I needed the 2nd ball, but I still have plenty leftover, I think i'm going to make a wee ripple blanket with them. I played around with the colours for quite a while before I decided to just label them in order of darkness, and then I just coordinated the letters I had given them with the letters from the original pattern. I think it worked quite well. And the Paintbox cotton DK really didn't disapoint. It has a lovely softness to it. As it was a baby blanket I did it much smaller, just 6 rows wide and 9 rows tall. I love it! It was a pleasure to make and the brand new mum and dad love it too, more importantly tiny baby loves to snooze on it, so it really is a win win.

I cant wait to play more with different tunisian stitches, I'm discovering so many wonderful designs and designers. Hopefully I can find some time soon to play more with what I have learned, but you will just have to wait and see what I come up with :)

*Affiliate Links, they cost you no more but help fund my yarn addiction xxx

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