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Team #RBTL day 2

Hmmmmm. Today I have worked backwards. I had my colours all picked out and they arrived yesterday. There was more white than I thought so I almost threw caution to the wind and totally changed my colours ala my crafting partner in crime Amanda Beaumont. But I’ve stuck to my guns. I’m not going to work from the middle this time though. I’ll use both from the outside. Do you want to see them? They are pretty. 

I just love the colours of Lemon Cassis Cream. Purple for a start 😍 and that pink. So pretty. It is so vibrant. Me being me I don’t think I could wear them all together in a shawl so that is where the Liquorice Yumyum comes in. I’m hoping it will soothe the savage beast. 

My gauge worked out just right with 3mm needles but when I actually started the thing it felt a bit loose and holey. But it was late and I really wanted to enjoy my wine and the newest X-Files episode haha so I’ve frogged it and will restart tomorrow sitting at my table in my ‘rapunzel tower’ as my husband calls it and work on it properly with a bit of focus. I almost want to chuck it all in and pick up my trusty hook. But no. I will persevere. Check back tomorrow and see if I’ve actually managed to make any progress at all. 

For all the info on the Read Between the Lines and Crochet Between the Lines MAL check out Canadutch’s blog. 

For the patterns check out Ravelry

Read Between the Lines

Crochet Between the Lines

For the yarn check out Wool Warehouse*or any Scheepjes ‘dealers’ in your area.

*Affiliate Links, they cost you no more but help fund my yarn addiction xxx

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