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Tink Tink #teamrbtl day 6

Hello yarnies, when I left you on Friday I had restarted my Read Between the Lines a few times and was finally steaming ahead full of confidence and lifelines and row 49 was complete. I had little downtime in the weekend to work on it (read none). I work mostly evenings and frequently in the weekend and getting home at 12.30am does not play well with working on a project that needs concentration. Monday came along and after an accidentally extra long nap I was off to work again but this time I was determined to pick up the needles afterwards. So home I came and I pulled out my box of whirls with their pointy sticks attached. (I can never go straight to bed after work. I should but I can’t) I poured a glass of wine, and started. Hello row 50 I thought. I can do you. Just knit knit knit. 


I’m not sure what happened. I have a bad habit of keeping everything close to my needle tips. A wee stitch went whoopise I think. Not quite sure but something was wrong.

After consulting with friend and knit guru Niamh she told me I had managed to make a fisherman’s rib stitch. Hahaha Go me. Unfortunately the pattern didn’t call for that particular stitch so tink tink tink I went. But tinking wasn’t working. Full of confidence in my lifeline that was there if needed I decided just to frog a few rows back. I managed to get all my stitches back on the needles. Most facing the right direction. And so ‘Hello row 46’ hahaha I persevered and low and behold I caught back up and have managed 2 extra rows. Now it is time for Netflix and #crochetwithwine Maybe tomorrow I will finally meet row 52. Until then please enjoy row 51 and let’s not talk about that little stitch that I picked back up the wrong way around 🤫

Oh. If you look really close, you can see the start of the illusion. 

Till next time xxx

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