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Slow and Steady #teamrbtl day 12

Hello my lovely yarnies. I haven’t updated you on my Read Between the Lines shawl in a while simply because there hasn’t been much to update. Don’t worry though. There have been no massive muck ups. No late night tinking sessions. Not a single lifeline has been used. (YET) I’ve just been busy. Plus I kind of owe my hubs a scarf. Hopefully, with a bit of luck he will get it for Valentine’s day. He already has the hat and they are supposed to be a set haha.

I have made some progress on my tiny triangle and I think I’m out of that 1st awkward phase where I felt like I was wrestling skinny eels. I said hello to row 87 today. Woohoo. I was going to push myself on to complete that 1st full repeat section but I was tired. Hopefully after a few more repeat sections I will have a clue what I’m doing and be able to relax on the settee with it, maybe even with Netflix for company. Until then I will stay focused at my dining room table with the pattern and tick of each row as I go. For now take a wee look at my photograph. Is that not an awesome feat of knitting. Can you see the illusion starting to show? Enjoy. See you all soon xxx

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