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Procraftination; accidentally on purpose.

Is anyone else a procrastinator? I’m awful for it. I remember my room in halls at uni was never so tidy as when I had a paper due. Sound familiar? Procraftination is then the art of putting things of by crafting. But is it procraftination if I’m putting one WIP off for another or is that just crafting or just plain procrastination? Are you still following me hahaha. Anyway what this is all leading up to is the fact that I have taken a break from my RBTL shawl. Not because I don’t love it, or want to finish it or feel daunted by the actual size of it. (Ok the last is partly true haha) I had an opportunity to make a sample of the Beaded Bridal Shawl for Kirsten Ballering van Haak Maar Raak. Scheepjes are launching a new MAL; Meghan’s Moment. In celebration of the upcoming Royal Wedding.

(Photo ©️Scheepjeswol)

Isn’t the invitation lovely 😊 It’s official start is the 3rd of April but don’t worry if you aren’t ready to start on time as the pattern will remain on Kirsten’s blog and Ravelry where you can also purchase it as a handy, downloadable, add free pdf. It is a gorgeous luxurious shawl that requires very little effort.

(Photo ©️Kirsten Ballering)

It is made with Scheepjes Alpacca Rythym and beads. Yes beads. Pretty pretty little beads. They really give it a touch of finesse.

Crocheting with beads is also something

I’ve wanted to try for a while so getting to make this pattern was win win. You can find all the info on Kirsten’s Blog and in the Scheepjes Facebook group. The actual shawl is so easy to make. Once I got used to the beaded stitch I flew through it. I’ve made a wee tutorial for the beaded stitch. I hope it’s helpful.

As I said it’s made with Scheepjes Alpaca Rhythm* and you use it double stranded but I’ve already seen so many variations. I think it would be lovely made with Scheepjes Stardust* or Scheepjes Our Tribe*. Also in Scheepjes Whirlette*. These yarns are all available from Wool Warehouse and other scheepjes stockists. As people were asking about the whirl I made a small swatch. I used a 4mm hook (a size smaller than with the alpaca doubled) You don’t need to use a double thread either.

Not every yarn shop carries beads. Kirsten has linked a couple of bead shops in her blog but I know a few of the Dutch yarn shops have made up a few packages. Caro’s Atelier has ready made sets and De Breiboerderij has whirlettes with matching beads. Whatever you pick you will have a beautiful shawl. I hope if you do join the make-a-long that you will share your pictures. This one is mine though the photo is from Kirsten herself. (Maybe she can give me a wee course in taking such pretty photos.)

(Photo ©️Kirsten Ballering)

After I had finished my shawl and I waved it goodbye I decided on a small knitting project that isn’t quite as daunting as the RBTL. I really want a knitting win. And I need to learn to cast off haha. I want to share a photo with you all but I can’t. So there 😜. It’s a new pattern that’s still to be released so it’s still under wraps. I’m over half way so definitely winning :) then I’m going to put my pointy sticks down for a while. I’ve promised (let’s be realistic. It was in a moment of madness) my daughters ballet school 8 or 9 spiderweb ponchos for their dance recital. Eeeekkk. 😂😂😂 I’d better hurry up with that or I’ll have a few very late nights in May hahaha. Wish me luck.

*Affiliate Links, they cost you no more but help fund my yarn addiction xxx

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