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Everything that happens to us in our lives influences us, can change us, can even make or break us and always leaves a trace, good or bad.

Turn this around and its very simple,

our interactions with people also leaves a trace, on them,

negative or positive...

Which would you prefer?

When I was approached by Kelly to feature in her new blog for a 'meet the designer' piece I was very flattered (if maybe a bit sceptical as I don't think of myself as a designer, not yet anyway.) and saw it as a wonderful opportunity to say hi to new readers and even better it is for a fabulous cause. Kelly and her friend Sandra came up with the idea to bring charities and makers together, here in their own words;

“Hi! We’re Kelly and Sandra, two friends from Texas sharing a passion for all things knit and crochet!

During our Friday morning coffee and crochet visits, we realized that there weren’t many legitimate resources bringing charities and makers together. That is why we decided that we would like to create this site showcasing fibre artists and those in need.

We will be featuring local and global charities that are looking for homemade items as well as suggested patterns by talented designers to take the guesswork out of what to give.

If you are looking for a charity to donate your crochet or knit items to, or some beautiful patterns suitable for gifting, we hope you will be a regular visitor to our blog.”

Please go and read their blog, and see what other charities they will be supporting and designers they will be highlighting. It's the Friday Morning Charity.

Kelly also asked me to come up with a design for an organisation that gifts scarves to shelters for abused woman. Handmade Especially For You has been making, collecting and distributing scarves since 2008. I came up with the Traces Comfort Scarf and it has been designed especially for you to make for donation.

(If you would like to help in other ways please pay a visit to their website) The scarves are gifted to the women and girls staying in these shelters, they have fled abusive lives. I personally hope, as small a thing as a scarf may be, that they see it as the kind gesture it was intended, and that it shows them that they can receive and deserve to receive kindness from strangers too, and hopefully it will leave a small trace on their lives, a fond memory, as they move on and get their lives on track and start over.

(If anyone is affected by these issues and needs help, I've included some links at the bottom of this page.)

The Traces Comfort Scarf will remain free, here on my blog, it is also available as a paid pdf download from my Ravelry store.There is a UK and Dutch translation included as well as print friendly versions. Purchasing a copy supports me as a designer, thank you.

It will shortly be joined by a scarf, cowl, wristies and hopefully a beanie, which will be available as individual pattern downloads or as a complete eBook collection. Now that is exciting, isn't it. I really hope you like it as much as I have enjoyed making it, and I hope to see you all soon.

xxx Fiona

Traces Comfort Scarf


Scheepjes Stonewashed (78% Cotton x 22% Acrylic; 50g/130m)

Main Color: Lepidolite (830) 2 balls (82g used)

Contrast Color: Beryl (833) 1 ball (20g used)

5mm crochet hook

Darning needle

Scheepjes stonewashed is available from the following webshops (affiliate links)

Nederland Caro's Atelier

UK and international Wool Warehouse

USA Love Crafts (formally Love Knitting and Love Crochet)

Measurements (blocked size)

9.5cm wide, 200cm long, 101g


Gauge isn’t critical, just be aware that a tighter or looser tension can affect the size of the finished scarf and the drape of the fabric.

Abbreviations (US crochet terms)

CC contrast colour

ch chain

hdc half double crochet

dc double crochet

MC main colour

RS right side

sc single crochet

sk st skip stitch

sl st slip stitch

sp space

st(s) stitch(s)

WS wrong side

*…* repeat instructions between *

[…] stitch count

Special Stitches

x-st x-stitch. This is made over 2 stitches. Skip 1st stitch, dc in 2nd stitch, working behind dc just made, make a dc in the skipped stitch.


If you prefer you can make a starting chain instead of a foundation row: - ch 324, make a hdc in the 2nd ch from the hook, make a hdc in every ch across, 323 hdc in total, this replaces row 1.

Ch 1 at the start of the row does not count as a stitch.

To make the scarf longer add multiples of 2, to make it shorter decrease starting row by multiples of 2.

When changing color do it in the last stitch of the row (unless otherwise stated) use the new color for the last yarn over of the stitch and pull it through the last loops. This gives a neater color change.

Keep the slip stitch rows loose, if necessary go up by half a hook size.

When making stitches into chain spaces, make them into the actual ch stitch for the best result.

Add a fringe if desired.


Row 1 (WS) With MC, make a foundation half double crochet row with 323 sts, turn. [323 hdc]

Row 2 (RS) Ch1 (does not count as a st here and throughout), hdc in same st, *ch1, sk st, hdc,* repeat to end of row, turn. [162 hdc / 161 ch sps]

Row 3 (WS) Ch1, hdc in same st, hdc in each ch and hdc to end of row changing to CC on last st, turn. [323 hdc]

Row 4 (RS) With CC, ch1, sl st to end of row, changing to MC on last st, turn. [323 sl st]

Row 5 (WS) With MC, ch1, working in the hdc sts from 2 rows below, hdc in first hdc and in each hdc to end of row, change to CC in last stitch, turn. [323 hdc]

Row 6 (RS) With CC, ch2 dc in same st, x-st until last 2 sts, 2dc, fasten off. Don’t Turn. [160 x-st / 3 dc]

Rotate work and with right side facing you join MC to 1st st at beginning of row 6 with a sl st.

Row 7 (RS) With MC, ch1, sc in same st, sc in space between dc and x-st, *sc in top of x-st, sc in sp between x-st*, repeat across row until last x-st, sc in top of last x-st, 2sc, turn. [323 sc]

Row 8 Repeat row 3.

Row 9 Repeat row 4.

Row 10 Repeat row 5.

Row 11 Repeat row 2.

Row 12 (WS) Ch1, hdc in same st, hdc in each ch and hdc to end of row. [323 hdc]

Fasten off and sew in the ends.

Give your new scarf a bath with your favorite wool wash and gently block it into shape. Once it has dried wrap it around you and enjoy your new splash of color.

Disclaimer: Please do not resell or distribute this pattern either electronically or as a print copy without my express permission. If you wish to share the pattern please direct people to this web page or my Ravelry store. The finished item is your own to do with as you please, I just ask that you give credit to me as the designer. Thank you.


If anyone needs to reach out to someone about these issues please check out the following resources, and remember you are not alone xxx

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