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Everything's coming up Rozeta

And so it begins, well almost. The Scheepjes 2019 CAL - Rozeta starts next week (9th October) but the tips and tricks were released today and it has created quite a stir with everyone getting busy and working on their crochet tapestry technique and getting their gauge just right. I’m dying to join in.

Scheepjes Rozetta luxury kit (Our Tribe - Twilight)

I have the most beautiful Our Tribe Twilight kit all ready and waiting but I am swamped at the minute. But fear not dear yarnies, I do have something to share. I was so very lucky and got to test this blanket. It has been a secret for so long it is so nice to be able to finally share it with you. If you have seen the photos you will have seen the one i made, that fabulous Kelly’s green version as I jokingly called it when I saw the colourway I was to make. Very appropriate don’t you think haha.

It is the Dusk Colour Crafter version, and I love it so much. It is a fantastic pattern to make. Lilla Bjorn is so clever. I felt quite honoured being chosen to test this.

Small Beginnings

It’s a baby Rozeta, front and back and meeting gauge. I was a proud momma hahaha

It’s not too late to join in, the kits may be hard to find as they are selling like hotakes, but that shouldn’t stop you making up your own or using stash. I’m really hoping someone is going to make it in whirligig and whirligigettes. (If you do please please tag me...) I’ll add some useful links at the bottom if you are going to join.

I’ll share all my ‘progress’ photos with you as the CAL progresses and as soon as I start my version (my version for keeps - so excited (did I say i loved this blanket haha)) I’ll keep you updated with it as well.

You can find all the info from Lilla Bjorn, the designer here.

The patterns will be released via the Scheepjes website here.

Alternatively join one of their groups on facebook -

Its all in a Nutshell has made step by step video tutorials for the pattern, you can find them as and when they are released on her You-Tube channel.

And you can watch my unboxing video here (yes my 8 year old daughter is in total awe of me as she now thinks I’m a you-tuber as she caught me uploading this hahaha)

Here are the official colour ways, just to get your mouth watering...

​​​​Anyway, if you do decide to join in I would love to see your progress, otherwise I hope you enjoy seeing mine :)

See you soon.

fiona xxx

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